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File: 1498562003275.jpg (1.69 MiB, 1600x2600)

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This is an image.

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File: 1498601255022.jpg (50.17 KiB, 480x501)

This is a dog.

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File: 1501100378075.jpg (60.64 KiB, 500x750)

This is a doge. Wow.

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can I reply without a picture?

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can I reply without a name?

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File: 1506219973993.jpg (28.73 KiB, 736x552)

This a moth.

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File: 1506284830409.png (20.16 KiB, 150x150)


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File: 1506297308383.jpg (3.03 MiB, 4032x3024)

This is a bus stop. Such visible. Totally would have seen that if I didn't know it was there. Wow.

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File: 1506298162038.jpg (227.17 KiB, 1024x608)


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File: 1506369393316.jpg (86.65 KiB, 1600x1067)

Well, I haven't seen this picture of rms before. Saved.

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File: 1507936858837.jpg (669.91 KiB, 2576x1932)

There's really no comparison.

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File: 1508330952864.png (95.89 KiB, 1240x1023)

No one but ourselves to blame.

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File: 1508524322242.jpg (1.08 MiB, 2576x1932)

New hardware.

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File: 1508526320089.png (494.93 KiB, 720x1280)


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File: 1514242039584.jpg (174.81 KiB, 1920x1275)

The website lacks user activity; one post at a time, this trend shall be reversed.

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File: 1515446671456.png (229.72 KiB, 2084x1440)

This is not my sniper rifle.

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File: 1515446701277.png (3.48 MiB, 1440x2560)

This is not my dog.

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I am not a namefag.

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File: 1515614880655.jpg (165.52 KiB, 1000x800)


I haven't been very active on here myself. It's unfortunate.

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This is a test post

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File: 1515799616751.jpg (145.06 KiB, 1024x939)


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File: 1515799728590.jpg (506.62 KiB, 850x1186)


Reply test. Awooooo~!

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File: 1515809254974.jpg (264.06 KiB, 706x1024)

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File: 1515941371554.jpg (17.32 KiB, 239x484)


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File: 1515941458516.jpg (127.27 KiB, 712x611)

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*Pets the doggo* ~

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File: 1516052862101.png (534.33 KiB, 722x807)

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File: 1516052948735.jpg (29.98 KiB, 720x432)


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File: 1516058127698.jpg (875.07 KiB, 2560x1440)

One for me, Izzy, and Isaac. The beer is mine alone, though.

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>why do you have 3 burgers mang
>I'm eating for three now

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File: 1516074936817.jpg (143.29 KiB, 850x850)

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File: 1516075044989.gif (3.48 MiB, 600x338)

cyoot wolfgirl

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File: 1516076887405.png (36.45 KiB, 193x169)

I am enlightened

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File: 1516082536431.png (285.84 KiB, 480x1200)

Are you?

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Somehow I can't stop watching this…

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File: 1516153286308.jpg (1.29 MiB, 6016x4000)

Channel Catfish my dad caught.

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File: 1516273505347.jpg (313.41 KiB, 1440x2560)


Very nice. Have you ever been cat-fisting? It's where you cover your arm in some chum and stick it in the water and wait for the catfish to try to eat your arm. Then you remove your arm and remove the catfish from your arm. Too easy.

Also, this is my breakfast.

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File: 1516673737772.jpg (393.45 KiB, 1836x3264)

I felt the need to post this.

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File: 1516763758115.jpg (724.38 KiB, 1176x1000)

What game?

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File: 1516764145242.jpg (68.73 KiB, 849x756)

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File: 1516764173451.jpg (117.49 KiB, 800x921)


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File: 1516764216244.gif (406.98 KiB, 772x1080)


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File: 1516764469924.jpg (50.09 KiB, 340x270)


You for real?

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File: 1516764567090.png (572.24 KiB, 884x903)

I mean what game is on the TV

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File: 1516936488373.png (626.67 KiB, 900x891)

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File: 1516936672930.jpg (354.48 KiB, 616x462)


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File: 1516989656316.jpg (99.48 KiB, 1024x675)


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File: 1516990084919.png (1.63 MiB, 1074x1600)

IntelliJ > Eclipse

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File: 1516994178393.png (845.47 KiB, 1000x669)

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File: 1516994270422.jpg (54.27 KiB, 480x451)


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File: 1516994368488.jpg (270.84 KiB, 960x1280)

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How do they taste?

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File: 1517080315252.jpg (240.7 KiB, 474x1000)

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File: 1517100452888.jpg (77.71 KiB, 625x390)

Sometimes sharks are your greatest bros.

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File: 1517274670041.jpg (893.25 KiB, 1836x3264)

I have set the new high record, 12 bugles stacked upon each other. If any moment was deserving of a place in the history books, it is this moment.

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File: 1517362176020.jpg (712.01 KiB, 1400x875)

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File: 1517362244319.png (381.15 KiB, 900x900)

Mommy wolfgirl

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I like Awoo-sama too, but how you just gonna ignore this? >>107

Anyway I tried to look up the record for stacking those and I couldn't find it. But I've never seen anybody stack more than ten before.

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File: 1517607308854.jpg (48.98 KiB, 392x579)

You're seeing me ignore it in real-time.

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File: 1517788081547.jpg (485.17 KiB, 1048x1407)

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File: 1517958485072.jpg (58.35 KiB, 970x628)

Okie doke

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File: 1517966251403.jpg (646.93 KiB, 3264x1836)

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File: 1518166872099.png (69.93 KiB, 979x249)

A suggestion. Zebra striping the thread list like this may help since we have to click [View Thread] at the far end of the row.

I just added "even" and "odd" to the class list every other <tr> row, and then added tr.odd { background-color: #d6d6c1 } to the CSS in inspect element for the mockup.

Making a click on the thread title view the thread would be convenient too.

Or, if you prefer, highlight the current row (all in CSS, no HTML changes needed):
tr:hover {
background-color: #ffffe5;
transition: background-color 0s;
tr {
transition: background-color 0.2s;
The transition stuff makes the highlight color fade briefly which I thought looked neat.

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File: 1518228434413.gif (294.31 KiB, 500x390)

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File: 1518283157133.png (923.89 KiB, 768x768)

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File: 1518283302351.jpg (152.88 KiB, 698x960)

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File: 1518283388941.png (791.85 KiB, 1207x1250)

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File: 1518308537387.jpg (185.51 KiB, 1920x1280)


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File: 1518308614743.jpg (376.69 KiB, 1920x1281)

Oh, dear, I keep using the incorrect tripcode.

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File: 1518309709395.jpg (1001.78 KiB, 2560x1440)

Here's an edgy EDC post.

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File: 1518402722990.jpg (50.35 KiB, 658x494)

The fanciest duck you'll ever see in your life

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File: 1518402786328.png (355.58 KiB, 953x537)

Christmas Snail are finally here, sorry they're late, but they're snails.

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File: 1519529274821.jpg (1.3 MiB, 1836x3264)

Found this little guy in Laredo sometime way before now, weird little guy.

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File: 1519951296272.jpg (837.88 KiB, 6016x4000)

I found a 3 1/2 leaf clover. Now I will always be 3rd in line, and get coupons for stuff I actually want. Kneel before my power.

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You are one lucky duck.

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File: 1520113039203.jpg (979.55 KiB, 1920x2400)

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File: 1520113128069.gif (401.83 KiB, 400x359)

Oh, I had forgotten this was on the computer. It is adorable.

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File: 1522283920620.jpg (177.32 KiB, 1013x570)

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File: 1522972936292.png (30.09 KiB, 128x93)


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File: 1522980081729.jpg (796.5 KiB, 2560x1440)


Here's a dogger.

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File: 1527221010301.png (1.96 MiB, 2300x2300)


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File: 1527221244717.png (991.46 KiB, 1447x1447)

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File: 1527221397185.png (2.52 MiB, 2950x2650)

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File: 1527221716135.png (1.19 MiB, 1447x1742)

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File: 1527224412010.png (1.68 MiB, 2000x2823)

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File: 1527224710404.png (1008.07 KiB, 1447x1447)

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File: 1527224829798.png (923.76 KiB, 1447x1447)


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File: 1527224994646.png (2.97 MiB, 1500x3082)

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File: 1527225351637.png (1.01 MiB, 2250x2250)

Loli vampire waifu

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